4 Unexpected Benefits of Green Commercial Cleaning

Posted on April 2, 2019


Today, many businesses are making the switch to green commercial cleaning. Some choose green cleaning because it reduces rates of respiratory illness, a source of bloated HR costs and lost work hours. Other businesses are swayed by studies that link eco-friendly cleaning with increased worker morale and productivity. Meanwhile, some companies are simply looking to reduce the ecological impact of their business by avoiding toxic and hazardous cleaning products.

While these benefits of green commercial cleaning are widely recognized, others have flown under the radar. Below, we’ve compiled four perks of green cleaning that you might not be familiar with…

Surprising Benefits of Green Commercial Cleaning

Reduced Risk of Accidents

Modern cleaning products contain a wide array of chemical ingredients. Many of these products are hazardous on their own. Meanwhile, others produce harmful reactions if mixed with other chemicals.

Needless to say, these products need to be handled and stored with great care. The more of them you have in your workspace, the more time and money you’ll need to invest in chemical safety.

Green commercial cleaning products contain few, if any, volatile chemicals. If green cleaning products are applied, mixed, or stored the wrong way, there’s a lower risk of injury or damage. This is particularly important if cleaning products are stored onsite, as they could be improperly handled by employees.

Cold & Flu Resistance

When it comes to green commercial cleaning, we talk a lot about improved air quality. Fumes from cleaning chemicals are a big source of indoor air pollution. By switching to green cleaning products, you eliminate the source of these fumes.

Good air quality is linked to increased morale, productivity, and performance in office professionals. And most people know that it significantly reduces HR costs associated with chronic respiratory illnesses, like asthma and bronchitis.

But fewer people realize that it also increases resistance to acute respiratory illnesses, like influenza and the common cold. So if your office gets walloped during cold and flu season, green cleaning could help you and your team stay healthy.

Improved Accessibility

In recent years, cases of chemical allergies and sensitivities have been on the rise. These conditions make certain chemical odors near-unbearable for millions of Americans. A simple whiff can trigger severe anxiety, headaches, nausea, and dizziness, among other symptoms.

A number of these conditions are linked to ingredients in everyday cleaning products. Some of these chemicals are active ingredients in detergents, glass cleaners, and sanitizers. Others are synthetic scents which are used to mask other odors.

By using these cleaning products, you could make your workplace inhospitable and inaccessible to people with these sensitivities. That could mean losing valuable employees, or even killing deals with potential clients.

Better Cleaners

You know the old phrase, “when you’re holding a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”? A similar thing happens when you’re holding a bottle full of high-strength cleaning chemicals.

This is particularly true for unknowledgeable and inexperienced cleaners. When faced with stubborn stains and lingering grime, these cleaners grab the strongest, harshest products on hand.

With green commercial cleaning, these kinds of shortcuts are less likely to happen. Instead, cleaners need to know the best cleaning methods, products, and equipment for any given situation. Ultimately, this level of knowledge and experience means a higher-quality clean for your facility.

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