6 Consequences of Subpar Office Cleaning Services

Posted on April 16, 2019

A clean and orderly office is a hallmark of a well-run business. Yet many businesses fail to properly invest in their office cleaning services.

Typically, this happens when businesses assume that higher quality cleaning doesn’t translate to a healthier bottom line. After all, what difference does it really make if cleaners use cheaper vacuums? Or if they use high-VOC cleaning products? Or if they take a few shortcuts to get the job done faster?

The difference, believe it or not, is significant. Subpar cleaning hurts your business in a number of areas, including client relationships, talent retention, and workplace health and safety.

How Substandard Office Cleaning Services Sink Businesses

Brand Image

The appearance of your office says a lot to the outside world. Sometimes, these appearances are deceiving. Other times, they’re a true reflection of your business. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter whether the image is accurate or not. What matters is how people perceive your business.

With substandard office cleaning services, your workplace could make the wrong impression on visitors. Instead of showing off the value you’d bring to the table, you’ll be showcasing the stains, dust, and odors that you’ve built up over the years.

Client Relationships

A lackluster image can make it tough to close deals with new clients. It can also make it hard to maintain positive relationships. When clients are in a “what have you done for me lately” mood, they’ll look for any excuse to jump ship.

That’s where small details like smudged windows, stained chairs, or bathroom odors can sink important relationships. And if your clients start to look elsewhere, your competitors only need to showcase a cleaner, more polished image.

Talent Management

Low-quality office cleaning services not only make it hard to attract and retain good clients. They also make it hard to attract and retain top talent. Just as you evaluate a candidate’s personal presentation, job applicants will assess how your business presents itself.

Then there’s the matter of staff retention. Even if you can hide signs of poor cleaning from clients, your staff has to work in this space every day. It’s little wonder that businesses with subpar office cleaning services are vulnerable to low morale and high workforce turnover.

Health & Safety

The connection between office cleaning services and workplace health and safety should be obvious. Without detailed cleaning and disinfection, illnesses can easily spread from one employee to another. This leaves businesses particularly vulnerable during cold and flu season.

Air quality’s another key health and safety issue. When office cleaning services ignore air quality concerns, employees end up breathing airborne dust, allergens, and fumes from cleaning chemicals. As a result, workers call in sick more frequently and suffer increased rates of chronic respiratory health problems.

Asset Maintenance

Office cleaning services fall under the umbrella term “facility maintenance.” It’s an apt term, since cleaners help you maintain the physical space, infrastructure, and assets used by your business.

Just think of what would happen to your business’s physical assets — like your floors, your furniture, and digital technologies — without professional cleaning. Accumulated dirt, dust, oil, and grime will not only make these items unattractive and off-putting, but they will also accelerate wear and tear. Unless you want these items to wear out ahead of schedule, you need high-quality office cleaning services.

Overall Productivity

Many businesses underestimate the impact that a clean workspace has on workers’ productivity. Yet studies have shown that workers accomplish more tasks and commit fewer errors when they’re in a healthy, clean, and well-kept environment.

So if you’re settling for low-quality office cleaning services, your team is likely operating at only partial capacity. By investing in a deeper and healthier clean for your workplace, you could provide your team with a valuable performance boost.

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