How Commercial Cleaning Services Prevent Pest Infestations

Posted on May 14, 2019


Invasive pests are a facility manager’s nightmare. And with the wrong commercial cleaning services, that nightmare can quickly become a reality. However, with a great cleaning company, you can worry less about your risk of pest infestation.

While commercial cleaning services are only one part of your pest management efforts, they’re a big one. That’s particularly true for insects and rodents. According to experts, the easiest way to stave off ants, roaches, mice, and rats is to eliminate sources of food and water. That typically makes cleaners the first line of defense against pests.

Commercial Cleaning Services & Pest Prevention

With commercial cleaning services, you get what you pay for. By underinvesting in your cleaning services, you can do serious damage to your brand image, your workers’ health, and the integrity of your facility. Plus, you’ll be laying down a welcome mat for unwanted pests.

The best commercial cleaning services know what it takes to prevent pest infestations, and they’ll go the extra mile to keep your workplace pest-free. To do this, they focus on the following four areas…

Garbage Bins

Food waste is the number one cause of pest infestations on commercial properties. Garbage bins are a particular hotspot for insects and rodents. An open and unemptied bin provides pests with an abundant, centralized food source. If garbage bins remain full at the end of the day, you’re giving pests an all-you-can-eat buffet.

That’s why the best commercial cleaning services enforce daily disposal of food waste. By emptying garbage bins daily, cleaners get rid of pests’ leading source of food. Cleaners can further reduce the risk of infestation by detail cleaning the areas around garbage bins, which are a frequent site of crumbs, spills, and moisture.

Food Spills

Rodents and insects aren’t picky about where they eat. If they can’t find a meal in your garbage bins, they’re happy to look somewhere else. To start, they’ll scour your break room for crumbs and food juices. And if your employees are fond of eating lunch at their desks, pests are thrilled to nibble on the leftovers.

This is where it pays to hire reliable commercial cleaning services. Amateur cleaners will save time by speed-cleaning floors and surfaces. This leaves pests with regular morsels of sustenance. A professional cleaning service will thoroughly clean hard floors, carpeting, countertops, tabletops, and desktops, minimizing food spills in the workplace.


Pests don’t simply need food to survive. They also need water. So when pests find a reliable source of hydration, they will try to find a place to nest nearby. This gives them a place where they can hide and rest during the day. When workers leave at the end of their shift, pests can grab a quick drink and start scavenging for food.

Moisture and wetness problems can result from poor drainage, excess humidity, or plumbing leaks. While commercial cleaning services can’t fix these issues on their own, experienced cleaners can spot and report signs of moisture problems. Great cleaners will also make sure that water isn’t left to pool on floors or countertops.

Signs of Infestation

Pests aren’t known for their tidiness. So if your business gets invaded by insects or rodents, you can usually find symptoms of pest activity. These include droppings, tracks, nests, physical damage, and dead pests. But if you’re not looking in the right places, you might miss these symptoms altogether.

Commercial cleaning services not only provide you with a fresh set of eyes. They also look in different places. Managers and employees rarely have a reason to inspect the nooks and crannies that pests love to call home. But cleaners interact with these areas on a regular basis. If you hire experienced, knowledgeable, and detail-focused cleaners, it’s much harder for pests to go undetected.

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