School Cleaning Service in Tulsa: Keeping Your Learning Facility Safe & Sanitary

How Our School Cleaning

Service Improves Your

Learning Environment

Our school cleaning service acts as your learning center’s first line of defense against germs and illnesses. One of the methods we use to cut down on person-to-person germ transfer is wall-to-wall disinfection with our exclusive disinfection system, EnviroShield®. Its non-toxic formula and innovative applicator allow all types of surfaces to be treated, including tough-to-clean but frequently touched areas like computer keyboards.

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Indoor Air Filtration

Our HEPA-filter vacuums don’t just provide powerful and silent suction on floors. They also make use of a high-tech process that filters out dust, dander, and other pollutants from the air. After a visit from our cleaning team, your school will be left with healthier indoor air quality and a fresher feel.

Green Cleaning

We make a point of choosing eco-friendly cleaning formulas that are safe for the environment and children of all ages. Our non-toxic cleaners are tough on germs and grime but won’t generate any noxious fumes or chemical residues. In addition, we utilize professional cleaning techniques that enable us to minimize the volume of product needed for optimal results.

Meticulous Restroom Cleaning

We know that bathrooms are a haven for bacteria and viruses, and we use microfiber cleaning materials and hospital-grade formulas to tackle high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and flush handles.

High-Quality Floor Cleaning

We’re prepared to offer specialized floor cleaning for all types of flooring materials, including tile, hardwood, carpet, cement, and rubber.

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