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Industrial cleaning services strong enough to tackle the biggest cleaning challenges in your Fort Myers-area facility.

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When it comes to taking on the grime, grease, dirt, and dust found in industrial buildings in the Fort Myers area, at JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of Southwest Florida, we are up for the challenge. Through our years in the commercial cleaning industry, we have developed a series of advanced processes designed to outline, execute, and monitor every stage of the industrial cleanings we deliver, leaving you with efficient and effective results every cleaning.

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Our Advanced Industrial Cleaning Systems


Heavy-duty cleaning challenges require heavy-duty cleaning equipment and systems. At JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Southwest Florida, we’ve got what it takes to leave even the grimiest and grittiest areas of your facility spotless. Just some of the advanced systems we use when cleaning industrial buildings in Estero, Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, and throughout SW Florida include:

Quiet-Cleaning Vacuums

We help improve your facility’s air quality by using advanced four-filter vacuums that trap airborne dirt and dust while quietly cleaning your floors.

Smart Cleaning Systems

Cross contamination will never be a problem within your facility thanks to our color coding system for our cleaning supplies.

Green Cleaning Methods

To help create a healthier and safer workplace environment, we use cleaning products with fewer chemicals that cover a greater surface area.

Secure Cleaning Practices

Our full uniforms and visible nametags help you keep your facility secure at all times.

Fort Myers’s Industrial Cleaning Professionals


Just as your workers need the proper training and experience to ensure your facility remains safe and productive, you can rely on our professional cleaners to have the knowledge and expertise to keep your workers healthy and your facility running smoothly. Our owner/operators have been certified in techniques and systems need for industrial cleaning through the most rigorous training program in the commercial cleaning industry. Thanks to this training, we know exactly what equipment and products to use to keep your facility clean and in working order. Our owner-operators also understand what it takes to make sure your facility meets all health and safety regulations. We know chemical handling and label compliance standards, hazardous communication standards, OSHA guidelines, and more to keep your workers safe and your facility up to code.

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