JAN-PRO® of Southern Connecticut – Southern Connecticut’s Commercial Cleaning Experts

Your workplace is the face of your business. So when it comes time to choose a commercial cleaning provider, turn to the #1 commercial cleaning brand. At JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut, we offer the key to extraordinary workplace cleanings. With customized service plans, industry-specific cleaning programs, and high-grade commercial cleaning products and technologies, our team ensures a higher grade of clean.

Southern Connecticut’s Choice for Commercial Cleaning

When you choose JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut as your commercial cleaning provider, your workplace is cleaned according to JAN-PRO Signature Clean® standards. With Signature Clean®, you’re never forced into a preset, one-size-fits-all cleaning plan. Instead, we match your workplace with a cleaning program designed for your specific industry. One of our experts will then go through your facility step-by-step with you, creating a customized cleaning plan that details the systems and products our cleaners will use to clean each area within your facilities. This way, our cleaners use the processes that lead to spotless results on each and every cleaning.

Superior Commercial Cleaning Products

At JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut, we strive deliver Southern Connecticut’s very best in commercial cleaning. That means detailed, custom cleaning plans, and it also means top cleaning methods, products, and technologies. Commercial cleaning from JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut includes systems such as:

  • EnviroShield® The EnviroShield® disinfection system uses advanced spray-application technology to disinfect even hard-to-treat areas and surfaces, safely eliminating 99.9999% of workplace germs.
  • Microfibre Materials. Our cleaners use microfibre cloths and flat mops, which retain higher rates of dirt, dust, and grime than more traditional cleaning materials.
  • Colour-Coded Systems. By color-coding our cleaning materials, we ensure that the supplies used to clean your restrooms never get used in other areas.
  • Safer Commercial Cleaning. JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut cleaners use cleaning products and methods that improve the safety, health, and eco-friendliness of your workplace.
  • Air Purifying Vacuums. Our vacuums come equipped with quiet-cleaning technology and state-of-the-art air filters that help reduce air pollution.

Southern Connecticut’s Trusted Team for Spotless Cleanings

At JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut, we’ve worked hard to earn the confidence of our clients. We’re always ready to go above and beyond to address our clients’ cleaning needs and requests. And when it comes to the consistency and quality of our cleanings, we refuse to compromise. Our JAN-PRO Tracker® system measures the results of our commercial cleaning services, allowing JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut cleaners to double-check their work against Signature Clean® standards. This way, our cleaning services are always performing in top gear.

Make JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut your choice for commercial cleaning. Call 020 8090 4999 to get started.