Office Cleaning Services for More Professional Offices in Fort Lauderdale

Posted on November 8, 2017

At JAN-PRO® of Southeast Florida, we understand that professional office environments are productive office environments. Your office’s professional atmosphere adds legitimacy to your company, showing potential clients that you take a professional approach to the work you do. Additionally, a professional office environment sets the standard for the level of professionalism you expect your workers to bring to your business. It deters poor behavior and cuts down on unwanted distractions in your workplace. If you’re looking to improve or maintain your Fort Lauderdale-area office’s professional environment, the office cleaning services we offer at JAN-PRO of Southeast Florida can help. We offer cleaning services developed specifically for professional office spaces for productive, professional, and spotless cleaning results.

Fort Lauderdale’s Professional Office Cleaning Services

When you choose our office cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Southeast Florida for your business in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami Beach, or throughout SE Florida, just some of the ways we’ll help give your office a more professional environment include:

  • Custom Cleaning Plans. Not only does a spotless and odor-free workplace give a great first impression to potential clients, studies have shown that clean and fresh workplaces can increase worker productivity by up to 16 percent. To help make sure our office cleaning services leave every square foot of your Fort Lauderdale-area workplace completely spotless, we’ll use a custom cleaning plan specifically designed to address the problem areas in your office.
  • Flexible Cleaning Schedules. Our flexible cleaning schedules at JAN-PRO of Southeast Florida help you cut down on distractions during your office’s busiest times. By allowing you to schedule office cleaning services at times that work best for your Fort Lauderdale-area workplace, you can ensure client calls, board meetings, and other important events run without interruption.
  • Quiet-Cleaning Vacuums. When our office cleaning services do happen to coincide with the work hours at your Fort Lauderdale-area business, we keep noise pollution to a minimum by using quiet-cleaning vacuums. These specialized vacuums quietly clean your floors while being worn on our backs. By wearing our vacuums on our backs, at JAN-PRO of Southeast Florida, we eliminate the noise and disruption of a heavy vacuum dragged across the floor and banging into walls.
  • Professional Uniforms. We respect your Fort Lauderdale-area workplace’s dress code and contribute to a more professional office environment by wearing full uniforms and name tags while delivering our office cleaning services.

To partner with an office cleaning service dedicated to putting professionalism first in Fort Lauderdale-area businesses, call JAN-PRO of Southeast Florida today at (954) 633-7064.