JAN-PRO® of Miami – SE Florida’s Commercial Cleaning Experts

When Miami-area businesses need more from their commercial cleaning providers, they turn to the experts at JAN-PRO of Miami. At JAN-PRO of Miami, our clients know they can trust our team to deliver a superior level of workplace clean. Thanks to our industry-specific approach, our use of exclusive JAN-PRO cleaning systems and top cleaning products, and our commitment to consistently spotless results, we’ve earned our reputation as SE Florida’s commercial cleaning experts.

Miami’s Choice for Customized Commercial Cleaning

Every workplace has its own, unique cleaning needs. But too often, cleaning companies force businesses into preset service plans and one-size-fits-all-solutions. With JAN-PRO of Miami, that’s never the case. Our services are based on industry-specific commercial cleaning programs, ensuring your workplace is cleaned using strategies and products that can take on your toughest cleaning challenges. We then draft a fully-customized cleaning plan for your workplace, going step by step through your facility to ensure the right cleaning systems are in place for every area. This way, our team is equipped to take on dirt, dust, and germs no matter where they’re found in your workplace.

Superior Commercial Cleaning Systems & Solutions

At JAN-PRO of Miami, we’re ready to take on the toughest cleaning jobs in any workplace, thanks to our advanced mix of commercial cleaning products, supplies, and equipment. We know that top results come from top systems and solutions. That’s why we use products and systems like:

  • HEPA Filtration Vacuums. Our vacuums not only clean quieter than comparable models – they also contain HEPA air filters, allowing us to trap irritating and harmful airborne particles.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths & Mop Pads. Microfiber is respected in the commercial cleaning industry for its ability to trap more dirt and dust per square inch than other materials.
  • EnviroShield® Disinfection. This state-of-the-art system uses a people-safe, eco-friendly disinfectant to wipe out over 99.999% of germs on any surface.
  • Color-Coded Strategies. By color-coding the supplies we use to clean bathrooms, we protect your workplace against cross-contamination.

Trusted by Businesses throughout Miami & North Miami

Countless businesses in Miami and North Miami have already discovered the difference offered by our commercial cleaning solutions. Our clients love us for the consistency and quality of our cleanings. The JAN-PRO of Miami motto is “Measurable Cleanings. Guaranteed Results.”® You’ll see this reflected in our approach, which includes regular 50-point quality checks to make sure your cleanings always meet JAN-PRO Six Star service level standards.

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