JAN-PRO® of San Diego – Your Commercial Cleaning Experts

The cleanliness of your workplace is a reflection of your business. An unclean workplace can decrease productivity, make a poor impression on clients, and increase time lost to sick days. As San Diego’s commercial cleaning experts, JAN-PRO of San Diego will ensure that your workplace is cleaner and healthier, increasing productivity, impressing customers, and meeting all OSHA standards.

Commercial Cleaning Built for Your Industry

At JAN-PRO of San Diego, we take pride in the level of detail afforded by our commercial cleaning services. Thanks to our industry-specific approach, we have programs and systems in place to deal with your business’s biggest cleaning challenges. Those programs are then customized for each and every client. Our business cleaning experts work with San Diego-area business owners and operators to craft one-of-a-kind cleaning plans for every facility we service, ensuring we use the systems, materials, and products that work best in your workplace.

JAN-PRO of San Diego Commercial Cleaning Systems

When it comes to professional cleaning, the best products and equipment are needed for truly spotless results. JAN-PRO of San Diego uses a unique collection of top cleaning agents, equipment, and systems, allowing us to better serve the commercial cleaning needs of our clients.

  • JAN-PRO’s 3 System Process. With JAN-PRO Signature Clean®, JAN-PRO Technics®, and JAN-PRO Tracker® our cleaners meet top professional cleaning standards every step of the way.
  • EnviroShield® Commercial Disinfection. No other system disinfects like EnviroShield®. This exclusive system wraps any surface in your workplace in a safe, residue-free, contagion-fighting shield.
  • HEPA Filtration Vacuums. Our vacuums combine quiet-cleaning technology with HEPA-graded air filtration, allowing you and your team to breathe easier.
  • Microfiber Color-Coding. By color-coding our microfiber cloths and flat mops to the rooms in which they are used, we prevent area-to-area cross contamination.

Reliable, Trustworthy Cleaning

Partnering with JAN-PRO of San Diego not only gives you access to superior commercial cleaning – it also gives you peace of mind. We’re committed to our clients, and we dedicate ourselves to meeting whatever cleaning needs they may have. We also stand by our results. Our cleaners regularly measure the results they produce using 50-point checklists, allowing us to quickly correct service shortcomings. We also guarantee every cleaning we provide, promising that our results will always measure up to your needs and expectations.

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