Commercial Cleaning Services for San Diego Businesses

Posted on August 3, 2017

Running a business, big or small, requires sharp attention to detail in order to create both an optimal work environment for your employees and an ideal experience for your clients. Having a clean, tidy and hygienic workplace plays a big role in that. At JAN-PRO® of San Diego, we take both the guesswork and the work itself out of cleaning by bringing expert technicians right on site to provide commercial cleaning services for your San Diego store, factory or office.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services in San Diego

You want the very best for your business, and with commercial cleaning services from JAN-PRO of San Diego, you get it. There’s no better disinfectant in the business than our 99.9% effective EnviroShield® disinfection system and our technicians are second to none.

Alongside our industry-leading services and skilled technicians, JAN-PRO of San Diego also boasts a versatility that makes us the ideal commercial cleaning service provider for a variety of different industries.

Some of the industries we proudly provide commercial cleaning services to include:

  • Retail – From stock rooms to show rooms, we get your space looking its best and brightest to create the perfect environment for your sales force and clients.
  • Manufacturing – Commercial cleaning services can keep things running smoothly across the production line and reduce employee absenteeism due to illness by maintaining a healthy work environment.
  • Medical – Utilizing our industry-specific MedMedtrix® program, JAN-PRO of San Diego keeps hospitals, clinics, surgeries and nursing homes cleaner and safer for patients and practitioners alike.
  • Governmental – Our professional teams are suitable for sensitive environments like municipal offices because they work securely, neatly in uniform and with ID badges prominently displayed for easy identification.
  • Automotive – Whether it’s in the workshop or the front office, our HEPA-filter vacuums can help remove airborne particles for better air quality and keep.

The JAN-PRO of San Diego Difference

Choosing JAN-PRO of San Diego for your business’s commercial cleaning services means choosing a bonded, insured and trusted local business as committed to providing top-quality services to the community as you are. The technicians we send out on the job have completed 5 weeks of training in all of the JAN-PRO Technics® suite of products and services before becoming JAN-PRO certified.

For a free assessment of your business’s commercial cleaning service needs, call JAN-PRO of San Diego today at (858)210-6413.