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Provide a cleaner, safer environment for learning and protect your students from dangerous bacteria and viruses with JAN-PRO. No matter what kind of school you operate, our cleaning solutions help you keep your classrooms healthy and clean.

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With high levels of traffic and plenty of opportunities for person-to-person transfer, schools often act as a haven for bacteria and viruses. That’s why choosing the right school cleaning company is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthier educational environment at your school in Phoenix. At JAN-PRO® of Phoenix, our professional cleaning services provide schools of all levels, from preschools to colleges, with safer, healthier facilities so students and teachers alike can focus on education. Experience the difference our expert team can make for your educational center today.

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How We Make Our School Cleaning Services Count


A high-quality cleaning company doesn’t just empty the trash cans and mop the floors. At JAN-PRO of Phoenix, we take our services to the next level by focusing on the health of your students and teachers as well as the appearance of your school. The following are just a few of the services we offer to make your school a safer, healthier, and more attractive environment for education:

Meticulous methods for bathroom cleaning

Bathrooms are one of the most common locations for person-to-person germ transfer, which is why this is our prime area of focus for stopping the spread of illness in your school. We work with professional materials, like microfiber cleaning cloths and hospital-grade formulas, to target high-touch surfaces such as faucets, flush handles, doorknobs, and paper towel dispensers.

Comprehensive non-toxic disinfection

We can also use our exclusive disinfection system, EnviroShield®, upon request to eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses in your school. What makes EnviroShield® so special is its innovative misting applicator, which allows it to treat all types of surfaces with a non-toxic, EPA-approved formula.

Air filtration for healthier indoor air quality

Our HEPA filter vacuums don’t just get rid of dust and dirt on school floors. They also filter the air of impurities to boost your school’s indoor air quality so your students have fresher, healthier air to breathe.

Superior floor cleaning services

Most schools contain a mix of flooring types that must be approached with different cleaning techniques. Our team of commercial cleaners comes prepared with all the equipment necessary to make your hard floors shine and keep your carpets as clean as possible.

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