Industrial Commercial Cleaning by JAN-PRO® of Phoenix AZ

When it comes to industrial spaces, the commercial cleaning systems from JAN-PRO of Phoenix AZ are designed to go head-to-head with the toughest, grimiest jobs your facility can throw at us. Based on Signature Clean® standards, industrial commercial cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Phoenix AZ deliver heavy duty results for heavy duty workplaces.

We’re Industrial Cleaning Specialists

Our Signature Clean® certification means that JAN-PRO of Phoenix AZ has been certified for our industrial commercial cleaning expertise. Each of our industrial commercial cleaning plans starts with an in-depth conversation with your management team, where we discuss the biggest cleaning challenges faced by your facility. Our cleaning experts then perform an exhaustive, point-by-point assessment of your facility, drafting a complete set of custom cleaning and sanitation strategies.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Workplace Health & Safety Expertise

We go into each work site fully versed in the standards and regulations that site is bound by. We help keep you compliant with OSHA standards for things like chemical handling, MSDS compliance, and exposure control plans.

Tough-as-Nails Systems & Tech

We make sure our cleaning teams have the skills and equipment to tackle the biggest challenges your facility can offer.

Advanced Cleaning for Specialty Floors

Slips and falls are among the leading causes of workplace injury. Our specialty floor cleaning services ensure clean, safe surfaces for your teams to work on.

Germ and Virus Targeting

Staff-wide cases of the flu or common cold can throw a wrench in productivity. We fight germs, bacteria, and viruses in the areas where your employees are at greatest risk, helping your team stay healthy.

Secure Protocols

JAN-PRO of Phoenix AZ delivers our industrial commercial cleaning services in full uniform, keeping your facility secure.

Maximized Efficiency

We use the patented JAN-PRO Technics® system to automate, schedule, and keep track of your facility’s cleanings.

At JAN-PRO of Phoenix AZ, we believe the best industrial commercial cleaning companies are those that hold themselves accountable. That’s why our industrial cleaning services come with our JAN-PRO Tracker® system.

The JAN-PRO Tracker® system, which involves regular assessments using a strict 50-point checklist, allows us to measure our results against our exacting brand standards. The quality assurance that comes with this system is a major part of our continued success. It’s why JAN-PRO of Phoenix AZ’s industrial clients come back to us, month-after-month, with their biggest cleaning challenges.

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