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No matter the cleaning needs of your workplace, JAN-PRO of New York City has the tools and expertise to deliver a higher grade of clean. In addition to our standard cleaning services, we offer customized cleaning for a wide range of additional sectors and industries. Whether you’re looking for janitorial services for a 50,000-seat stadium or cleaning for a boutique hotel, you can depend on JAN-PRO of New York City


Cleaning Services

Hotel & Resort Cleaning Services

JAN-PRO of New York City’s cleaning services are the perfect match for your hotel or resort. Whether you’re running a large, multi-use complex or a cozy roadside bed and breakfast, we will create the perfect environment for your guest. JAN-PRO of New York City’s hotel cleaning services are trusted for the spotless results we deliver, our extraordinary attention to detail, and our unbending commitment to serving our clients.

With our experience across multiple industries, our cleaners deliver professional results everywhere from your hotel’s rooms, to its kitchen, to amenities like gyms and saunas. And thanks to our EnviroShield® system, we make it easy to disinfect any room without the use of toxic chemicals or irritating fumes

Movie Theater Cleaning Services

Between popcorn and spilled soda, movie theaters get messy in a hurry. But with movie theater cleaning services JAN-PRO of New York City, it’s easy to keep your theater clean, tidy, and hygienic. No matter the size of your facility or the number of theaters inside, JAN-PRO of New York City will create a customized cleaning plan and cleaning schedule to meet your exact cleaning needs. With help from
JAN-PRO of New York City, you can win the fight against dirt, dust, and spilled concessions

Stadium Cleaning Services

Whether you need cleaning services for a 50,000-seat stadium, a 500-seat arena, or a small recreational sports facility, JAN-PRO of New York City has you covered. Our stadium cleaning services cover all aspects of athletic facility cleaning, including everywhere from the lobbies, to the bleachers, to the locker rooms. Thanks to our EnviroShield® system, we make it easy to fight bacteria and germs in any athletic or spectator areas, protecting athletes and fans alike

special services

And More…

No matter your industry or the size of your facility, JAN-PRO of New York City has a cleaning program suited for your needs. In addition to our cleaning services for hotels, movie theaters, and stadiums, JAN-PRO offers a wide array of industry-specific cleaning programs, including office cleaningindustrial cleaning, and school cleaning. If you don’t find your industry listed among our cleaning services, simply give your JAN-PRO of New York City a call to receive a custom cleaning plan designed specifically for your business’s cleaning needs

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