School Cleaning Services in Newark, NJ: Schools Can Count on Us

Schools of all types can harbor infectious diseases and pathogens that can spread from student to student with ease. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with a school cleaning service that understands the unique concerns educational facilities face. At JAN-PRO® of Northern New Jersey, our services for schools in Newark, NJ, Paramus, Hackensack, Clifton, Fairfield, Secaucus, and the neighboring communities make use of detailed processes and high-tech tools to deliver superior levels of cleanliness and sanitation. When you choose to work with us, you’ll be able to provide your students and teachers with a space that is safe and healthy for learning and development.

How We Keep Your School
in Newark, NJ Clean & Healthy

Our team of cleaning experts is ready to act as your school’s first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. We come prepared to do so much more than wipe down desks and mop the cafeteria. We offer wall-to-wall disinfection with an exclusive disinfection system called EnviroShield® to eliminate 99% of germs, even on hard-to-clean surfaces like keyboards and desk chairs.

What Our Clients Have to Say

A Greener Clean

We’re setting an example for students by practicing eco-friendly cleaning methods during every step of the cleaning process. This includes our choice of cleaning formulas, which are safe for use around children and don’t contribute to the planet’s toxin load. From our EPA-approved disinfection formula to our hospital-grade detergents, all our cleaning agents are eco-friendly options.

Expert Floor Cleaning

You can count on us to clean your floors correctly, whether they’re tile, hardwood, carpet, or a mix of the three. We have all the specialized tools and resources needed to clean and protect all types of flooring.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Our sophisticated school cleaning equipment includes high-tech HEPA filter vacuums, which do more than provide excellent suction on floors. They also filter the air of impurities and pollutants to leave your school with healthier indoor air quality.

Detailed Restroom Cleaning

Since bathrooms are a haven for all sorts of germs, we take a meticulous approach to bathroom cleaning that focuses on targeting high-touch surfaces like faucets, doorknobs, and flush handles.

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