Commercial Cleaning Services for Kindergarten by JAN-PRO® of New York City

At JAN-PRO of New York City, we know what it takes to keep young learners safe from classroom contagions. We’ve created commercial cleaning systems specially tailored for kindergarten classrooms. Find out why educators across New York City put their trust in our branded systems and technology by choosing JAN-PRO of New York City for your kindergarten commercial cleaning services.

We’re Grade School

Cleaning Specialists

Years of commercial cleaning training and experience have influenced how JAN-PRO of New York City cleans kindergarten classrooms. As experts in both day care and school cleaning services, we know the challenges that come with cleaning and disinfection for young learners. We also know just how important it is to keep your students safe from contagions like germs and flu viruses, which is why disinfection and sanitization is such a major part of our commercial cleaning programs for kindergarten.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Kid-Friendly Disinfection

We know it’s just as important to keep kids safe from harmful chemicals as it is to keep them safe from illness and infection. With our EnviroShield® disinfection system, your classroom receives hospital-strength disinfection, using a solution that’s been EPA-tested for its gentleness on people and the environment.

Germ, Bacteria, and Virus Targeting

EnviroShield® uses a spray-action release that is effective on a wider range of surfaces than other disinfection systems. Carpeting, rugs, and computer keyboards are all easily sanitized with the EnviroShield® system. It can also be used for wide-coverage cleaning, sanitizing bathrooms, play areas, and other high risk places in your facility.

Carpeting and Floor Cleaning

Our staff and equipment deliver cleaning and sterilization services for your classroom’s carpets, as well as any other flooring materials.

Improved Air Quality

We use four-filter vacuums that clean classrooms quietly while trapping harmful airborne particles.

Secure Cleaning

We know the security of your students is priority number one. That’s why we only clean in full uniform, making it easy to keep your facility secure.

Green Cleaning Methods

JAN-PRO of New York City uses eco-friendly cleaning methods that take advantage of improved coverage strategies, allowing us to lower the volume of harsh chemicals we use.

Kindergarten commercial cleaning services from JAN-PRO of New York City come with the commitment to exceptional services and standards that you expect from a commercial cleaning leader. We not only keep you compliant with OSHA regulations, we also deliver regular, detailed quality checks. It’s no wonder Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked JAN-PRO as the world’s #1 commercial cleaning brand.

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