JAN-PRO® of San Francisco Bay Area: A Leader Among Janitorial Companies

Higher Janitorial Cleaning Service with JAN-PRO Signature Clean® Standards

Each independently owned and operated franchise offers JAN-PRO branded services that are guided by the JAN-PRO Signature Clean® office cleaning system. Under the JAN-PRO Signature Clean® standards, every JAN-PRO franchisee undergoes five weeks of rigorous training and certification on the JAN-PRO brand standards. The JAN-PRO Signature Clean® standards include strict quality standards that JAN-PRO franchisees must achieve when delivering services, including a custom service plan for every workplace.

The JAN-PRO brand custodial cleaners also offer the strongest guarantee in our industry, promising to resolve any service issues within one business day. If your JAN-PRO franchisee fails to meet this promise, your next standard cleaning is free.

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Tracked & Measured Cleanings

Tracked & Measured Cleanings with JAN-PRO Tracker® Standards

Quality and consistency are the foundation of the JAN-PRO approach. This is reflected in our JAN-PRO Tracker® standards, which holds franchisees accountable by measuring their results. Under the JAN-PRO Tracker® standards, your workplace will receive periodic 50-point checklist inspections to ensure that JAN-PRO franchisees are meeting JAN-PRO standards. Your independently owned and operated regional office will conduct a JAN-PRO Tracker® survey after your first visit, perform a second survey 30 days into your janitorial services, and then regularly verify that your JAN-PRO franchisee achieves JAN-PRO brand standards consistently.


EnviroShield® Protection

Our proprietary EnviroShield® commercial disinfectant system makes it easy to eliminate germs in your workplace. This safe, non-toxic system wraps treated surfaces in a zero-odor, zero-residue, germ-fighting shield, wiping out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. This system is safe for your workers, customers, and the environment, and is non-irritating to those with allergies and breathing difficulties. The EnviroShield® disinfecting system is available exclusively through your local JAN-PRO janitorial service provider.

Advanced Hygiene & Sanitation

Advanced Hygiene & Sanitation

There is no field where hygiene matters more than the medical industry. That’s why JAN-PRO offers our exclusive MedMetrix® system for medical facilities, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, and dental clinics. Under the MedMetrix® medical office cleaning program, your facility will be cleaned and disinfected according to OSHA, CDC, Joint Commission, and AORN standards. JAN-PRO franchisees are trained to clean a range of medical spaces, including waiting areas, patient rooms, surgical suites, and dental offices.

As a JAN-PRO owner/operator, JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area is part of the world’s biggest, most successful, and most trusted janitorial organization. Our company is founded on the use of exclusive systems and equipment. We pair our superior cleaning systems with the best, most effective, and most efficient cleaning methods in our industry. From advanced technology, like EnviroShield®, to next-level programs like Signature Clean®, we deliver the smartest and strongest when it comes to cleaning and disinfection. Click below to learn more about how JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area set itself apart from other janitorial companies.

JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area services begin with our focus on industry-specific cleaning expertise. We set our services apart from other janitorial companies by making sure our cleaners are matched to the worksites where their skills and expertise are most needed. With our team on your side, you’ll receive a custom-tailored cleaning plan, which we design after close conversation with your management and a detailed assessment of your facility. With your plan, you’ll receive access to exclusive, JAN-PRO branded programs, systems, and technology, including:

  • Signature Clean®. Signature Clean® is JAN-PRO’s patented suite of cleaning processes and standards. To achieve Signature Clean® certification, providers must be bonded and insured, and must pass through the toughest testing and accreditation program in our industry.
  • EnviroShield®. JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area disinfects using EnviroShield®, the most advanced sanitization system available to janitorial companies. This system is tough on germs, but gentle on people and the environment. EnviroShield® uses a proprietary spray-action release to treat surfaces like computer keyboards, carpeting, and door handles.
  • JAN-PRO Technics®. JAN-PRO Technics® is the system our company uses to streamline our janitorial services. This program allows us to plot out your schedule and services in the most efficient way possible, saving us time and resources, and saving you money.
  • JAN-PRO Tracker®. With JAN-PRO Tracker®, we measure the results produced by our cleaning team. Using detailed 50-point standards checks, we make sure our services always live up to JAN-PRO Six Star service levels. This commitment to consistency and excellence allows us to deliver on our service guarantee, the only guarantee of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Other janitorial companies in the San Francisco Bay Area don’t have access to these exclusive systems. Only with JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area do you receive the smartest, safest, and most effective cleaning methods available. From specialty floor care services, to color-coded cleaning supplies, to HEPA-quality vacuums, we stop at nothing when it comes to top-quality cleaning and sanitation. It’s no wonder Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked JAN-PRO first among commercial and janitorial cleaning companies.

Bring exclusive JAN-PRO systems and advanced cleaning processes to your company with JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area. Call today at (925) 474-2333 to find out why we are the leading choice among janitorial companies.