Medical Offices Cleaning Service from JAN-PRO® of Charlotte

When you run a medical office or health care facility, you’re responsible for the health of your staff and your patients. With JAN-PRO of Charlotte’s medical offices cleaning service, you gain the advantage of our MedMetrix® system and our service guarantee, ensuring your facility receives the best possible cleaning.

We Know Medical Facilities

Medical offices cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Charlotte are backed by the most rigorous certification and training program in our industry. This five-week program not only certifies JAN-PRO of Charlotte as providers of JAN-PRO’s Signature Clean® program, it also certifies us in the MedMetrix® system.

What does this mean for your medical office? It means you receive cleaning and disinfection services from a team that knows medical offices in detail. We’ve been trained in handling reception areas, office spaces, waiting rooms, surgical suites, dental operation rooms, patient areas, and restrooms. Our MedMetrix® system is designed to keep your medical office in line with CDC, AORN, OSHA, and Joint Commission standards.

What Our Clients Have to Say

JAN-PRO is proud to be one of the leading medical offices cleaning services in the Charlotte area. Our medical office cleaning services don’t just rely on the best technology in the business – we also bring the smartest strategies to your medical facility. With JAN-PRO of Charlotte, your office receives the benefits of:

Cross-Contamination Containment

Cross-contamination containment through the use of color-coded materials, including flat mops and microfiber cloths.

We’re Bathroom Cleaning Specialists

Detailed bathroom cleaning, with a focus on high-germ and high-touch areas, like faucets, door handles, towel dispensers, and flush handles.

Specialty Flooring Services

Specialty flooring services, including carpet, tile, and hardwood cleaning expertise.

We Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air-quality improvement thanks to four-filter, HEPA-tested vacuums.

At JAN-PRO of Charlotte, we know that disinfection is one of your biggest cleaning priorities. That’s why we offer our patented EnviroShield® system. The EnviroShield® system delivers hospital-grade disinfection to your facilities. Not only does this system eliminate germs on contact, it’s also safe for your staff, your patients, and the environment. EnviroShield® has received the EPA’s best rating for non-toxicity.

When you choose medical offices cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Charlotte, you’ll receive our commitment to extraordinary service. JAN-PRO of Charlotte uses the JAN-PRO Tracker® system for our medical office cleaning services, ensuring we consistently meet your expectations. We also provide you with our service guarantee. If you’re ever unsatisfied with our work, we promise to fix the issue within 48 hours. Otherwise, we will give your facility a complimentary cleaning.

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