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Your exceptional customer service is what helps distinguish your automotive dealership from the competition. Our exceptional customer service is what will help make your automotive dealership shine.

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The JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Greater Charlotte Advantage

Just a few of the advantages of relying on our cleaning contractors to thoroughly and efficiently clean your Charlotte-area automotive dealership include:

We Speak OSHA

We know MSDS compliance, blood-borne pathogen standards, and chemical handling and label compliance standards, as well as hazardous communication standards, drug testing methods, and exposure control plan and compliance requirements.

We Clean Smarter

To help prevent the supplies we use in your bathrooms from being brought into other areas of your dealership, we color-code our microfiber cloths and flat mops.

We Work Cleaner

Our professional cleaning contractors will disinfect every inch of your Charlotte-area automotive dealership using a hospital-grade disinfectant that is designed to kill a broad spectrum of germs and viruses.

We Clean Greener

We help create a healthier environment for your employees and customers by using the minimum volume of disinfectant necessary. Fewer chemicals also means less damage to the planet.

We Work Securely

To help protect your facility’s security, we wear full uniforms and prominent ID badges every time we’re on your dealership’s property.

Experienced Automotive Dealership Cleaning Contractors in Charlotte

At Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems of Greater Charlotte, our exceptional cleaning results are thanks to our team of knowledgeable cleaning professionals. Our cleaning contractors have extensive experience when it comes to every aspect of automotive dealership cleaning in the Charlotte area. Additionally, our owner/operators have received extensive training in cleaning methods specific for large facilities through the most rigorous training program in the industry. Thanks to this intensive 5-week course, we’re confident we have the knowledge and expertise to leave your dealership consistently spotless and ready to impress.

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