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Our MedMetrix® medical office cleaning program makes JAN-PRO uniquely suited to healthcare cleaning services. Developed specifically for healthcare facilities, MedMetrix® not only meets all OSHA, CDC, AORN, and Joint Commission standards but actually exceeds them in several areas. Here are just a few of the core components that define the MedMetrix® process:

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MedMetrix® Certification

All JAN-PRO owner-operators have undergone extensive training and testing to become MedMetrix® certified. This means your facility will be cleaned by someone who knows medical facilities, the cleaning challenges they face, and how to deliver an exceptionally hygienic clean.

State-of-the-Art Disinfection

MedMetrix® uses our proprietary EnviroShield® system to disinfect medical facilities. EnviroShield® offers state-of-the-art protection against infectious microorganisms. It uses specialized application technology to disinfect a wider range of surfaces, including hard-to-clean areas, fibrous materials, and other areas where germs can hide from other systems.

Medical-Grade Protection

EnviroShield® uses a medical-grade disinfectant that eliminates more than 99.99% of pathogens on contact. While tough on germs, it’s safe for medical spaces and the people inside them, producing zero toxic fumes and leaving no harmful residues behind.

Microfiber Technology

JAN-PRO cleaners use microfiber mop pads and cleaning cloths within the MedMetrix® process. Microfiber traps far higher rates of dirt, dust, grime, and bacteria than any other cleaning material.

Cross-Contamination Control

To reduce the risk of cross contamination, microfiber materials are color-coded for different zones in your facility. All cloths and mop pads are disinfected immediately after use.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

We help maintain and improve indoor air quality, important for the health of your staff and the well-being of patients with respiratory difficulties. To do this, we use HEPA-filter vacuums and rely on products that produce zero irritating or toxic fumes.

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