Second Generation Immigrant Starts JAN-PRO Business Lands Planet Fitness Gyms

Posted on April 11, 2015

Second Generation Immigrant Starts JAN-PRO Business Lands Planet Fitness Gyms

A second generation Cape Verde immigrant, Tony Barros watched his parents “working their tails off” to make ends meet. They had a commitment and drive to succeed. He admired their work ethic and decided he wanted to build a business for himself. He wanted to find a franchise that would give him flexibility to grow while having time do things with his six-year-old daughter.

Tony was searching online for easy start-up businesses and affordable business opportunities when he discovered JAN-PRO of Mass. He liked what he read and heard about the company so he contacted Mark Munoz, the Woburn, Massachusetts Owner, about partnership opportunities. He has learned a great deal about running a business over the past four years.

He started out doing a lot of the work himself based on JAN-PRO’s proven brand techniques and processes. Today Tony has four large Planet Fitness Gyms that he maintains. He has trained seven cleaners and manages their work seven days a week. Since the cleanliness of each gym is part of the gym manager’s compensation plan, it is essential to keep everything spotless. He inspects the gym and always responds immediately to any requests or questions from his customers. Here are several of his key suggestions for other owners.

Top success factors:

  • Communication has allowed him to grow. Cleaning is the first thing everyone sees. It’s important not to take criticism personally. Listen to the customer and make sure they are happy.
  • Efficiency and Prompt Responses to Questions. We get back to the customer the same night so they know they’ve been heard and they know we will get everything.
  • Managing team members and keep them motivated. He’s always there for his cleaners. He wants them to enjoy coming to work and to look forward to getting paid.

Tony Barros motivates his team through encouragement and problem solving discussions about how to handle various situations with the account. He lets them know he has their back and they respect him and help deliver quality service. He gives them each a bonus on their Birthdays and at Christmas. For Tony and his cleaning crews, hard work, attention to detail and communications are a winning formula for customer satisfaction.