4 Must-Have Qualities in a Retail Cleaning Service

retail cleaning

When you run a brick-and-mortar retail business, your success depends on a clean, hygienic space. No matter how good your products or how low your prices, dusty shelving, dirty floors, and smelly washrooms will drive away your customers before they reach the register. The solution? Hire a professional retail cleaning service to handle the cleaning of your store.

Whether you operate a small, storefront business, a big-box store, or a multi-business shopping center, a trusted retail cleaning service is the easiest way to keep your space spick and span. But finding the right retail cleaning service isn’t always so easy.

To help you find the best cleaning provider for your needs, we’ve compiled four must-have qualities you should look for in a retail cleaning service.

Flexible Retail Cleaning Schedules

Customers don’t want to stop in dirty stores, but they don’t want to shop while your store’s being cleaned either. When cleaners perform their duties during business hours, their work will disrupt your customers’ shopping experience. This can happen in small but significant ways, like noisy vacuums or unpleasant odors from cleaning agents, or bigger ones, like when a customer needs a bathroom that’s out of service for cleaning.

To avoid these issues, look for a retail cleaning service that offers scheduling flexibility. A high-quality cleaning service will perform cleanings after hours or on days when your store is closed to customers.

Sparkling & Spotless Showrooms

In a brick-and-mortar retail store, the physical presentation of customer-facing areas will drive or depress sales figures. Showrooms, shelves, sales points, and other prominent areas need to be kept as attractive and presentable as possible. But if your retail cleaning service does lackluster work, you could be left with streaky surfaces, dusty corners, and stubborn scuffs in prominent areas.

Today’s best retail cleaning companies stand apart from traditional cleaners through the use of next-generation cleaning products and equipment. These include HEPA vacuums, microfiber flat mops and cleaning cloths, and eco-friendly disinfection systems, like EnviroShield®.

Exceptional Bathroom Cleanings

Cleanliness matters in bathrooms more than anywhere else in a store or retail center. According to customer surveys, roughly 40% of customers say they would never return to a store with unclean bathrooms. Thanks to social media and review sites, one customer’s experience with an unclean bathroom can do untold damage to your reputation.

When hiring a retail cleaning service, make sure that the cleaners don’t simply leave bathrooms looking clean. A high-quality retail cleaning company will also focus on the unseen hygiene and cleanliness concerns found in your bathrooms, targeting dangerous bacteria and unpleasant bathroom odors.

Responsive Retail Cleaning Services

When hiring a retail cleaning service, you need a contractor you can rely on. The best cleaning services for retail stores and shopping centers provide responsive, reliable service and a willingness to go the extra mile. If you have a special request or a service concern, you should have confidence that your cleaning service provider will attend to the issue in a quick and satisfactory manner.

The best of the best will guarantee their services, promising your full satisfaction after every single cleaning they provide. At JAN-PRO®, for example, we guarantee our work after each cleaning. In the rare event that we fail to meet this guarantee, we promise to resolve the issue to your satisfaction within one business day. Otherwise, your next standard cleaning comes free.

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