3 Questions for Property Management Cleaning Services

As a property manager, a great property management cleaning service can make your job significantly easier. An attractive, well-maintained property keeps existing tenants happy and makes it easier to attract new tenants. It also helps you maintain or increase the overall value of your property, as well as the going rate for leases in your building.

If you want to hire a great property management cleaning service, you need to find a great property management cleaning service. To make matters more complicated, the right cleaning service for one property manager could be entirely the wrong fit for your needs.

Unsure where to start looking for the perfect cleaning company? Begin by asking the right questions. Below are three key areas that property managers can focus on when hiring a new cleaning service.

Residential vs. Commercial Property Management Cleaning Services

When evaluating different property management cleaning companies, start by asking which types of properties they typically service.

Cleaning companies typically market their property management cleaning services without differentiating between residential and commercial properties. Some of these companies have the experience and resources to clean either type of property. Other companies specialize in specific types of property management cleaning.

It’s a good idea to qualify cleaning services as early as possible on this front. Ask up front what types of properties they service. If possible, get them to provide you with relevant references.

Size & Scope of Property Management Cleaning Projects

In many cases, the size of your property will be even more important that the type of building you manage. A boutique cleaning service that specializes in small office properties should be capable of cleaning a residential building of the same size. If they’re asked to clean a massive, multi-building office complex, they’re unlikely to have the staff or resources for the job.

Once again, it’s a smart idea to screen cleaning companies early on this issue — especially if you have a larger property. Ask potential cleaning companies what kind of square footage they’re capable of handling and request examples of larger properties they’ve serviced in the past.

Specialty Services Provided by Different Cleaning Services

Most managed properties have certain specialized cleaning needs. Different types of flooring, for example, tend to require specialized cleaning on a yearly or semi-yearly basis. Carpeting, hardwood, concrete, and natural stone all require special care to maintain their appearance and integrity year after year. Many property management cleaning services provide specialty cleaning for different types of flooring, which can be more convenient and cost-effective than hiring specialty cleaners.

Another common request is green cleaning services. In some cases, property managers are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning products. In other cases, green cleaning is used to achieve a healthier facility, improving indoor air quality by switching to products without irritating fumes.

Whether you need specialty cleaning for certain types of flooring, green cleaning services for a healthier facility, or another type of specialty cleaning service, you’ll want to keep these needs in mind as you screen different cleaning companies. Make a list of specialty cleaning needs for your property, then review this list when consulting potential cleaning vendors.

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