Does Your Janitorial Service Company Measure Its Work?

At JAN-PRO®, we believe in measurable cleanings and guaranteed results. In fact, it’s our rigorous commitment to tracking, measuring, and improving our performance that sets JAN-PRO apart from other janitorial service companies. As an organization, this approach has helped us become a globally recognized leader in janitorial services. On a more local and personal level, it’s made us the trusted janitorial service company in countless communities across the globe.

Our commitment to measurable cleaning shines through strongest with our JAN-PRO Tracker® system. JAN-PRO Tracker® is a multi-tiered, comprehensive quality assurance system that includes rigorous service assessment protocols. This system is a key reason why we offer the strongest janitorial service company guarantee in our industry.

Here’s a closer look at why measurable cleanings mean better cleanings, along with how JAN-PRO Tracker® makes that possible.

Janitorial Service Company Accountability

When we launched JAN-PRO as a small, locally based janitorial service company, the age of analytics and big data was still years away. Despite this, we knew that you can’t objectively assess the quality, consistency, and performance of cleaning service without quantifiable data.

We wanted to make sure that we had a system that would allow us to accurately self-assess our own work, improve our communication with clients, and keep us accountable through outside oversight. The result was the JAN-PRO Tracker® system.

Under this system, your local JAN-PRO janitorial service company uses a range of tools to record, track, and analyze its services. These tools include:

  • Onsite Logbooks. JAN-PRO owner-operators track their progress and communicate with clients through the use of onsite logbooks. Your logbook will provide a detailed, visit-by-visit record of all cleanings, giving you an easy way to keep track of our work. Logbooks also offer an effective avenue for written communication, which is particularly valuable when cleaners perform their duties during off-hours.
  • Checklist Assessments. Before we get started, a detailed 50-point checklist is performed, measuring current levels of cleanliness in your facility. After 30 days, we perform a second assessment to measure the improvements made by our cleaning services. We continue to make periodic assessments to ensure our services always meet JAN-PRO Six Star service standards. Whenever we spot room for improvement, we take direct action to address it.
  • Satisfaction Surveys. At JAN-PRO, we know that true accountability is only possible through outside perspectives. That’s why the JAN-PRO Tracker® system incorporates customer satisfaction surveys, which are conducted anonymously through third-party surveyors. This way, we’re held accountable not just against our own standards, but also against those of our customers.

The JAN-PRO Tracker® system has had a huge impact on the services we provide as a janitorial service company, helping us build stronger relationships with our clients, refine our service model, and consistently deliver above-and-beyond service.

Connect with our janitorial service company today at 866-355-1064 and discover the difference that comes with measurable cleaning services.

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