The Benefits of Healthy Cleaning Services for Businesses

When businesses choose JAN-PRO® cleaning services, they’re choosing a healthier clean. That’s because our cleaning services for businesses include a range of healthy features, including ProTeam® air-filtration vacuums, EnviroShield® disinfection, and color-coded microfiber materials.

These features can deliver significant improvements to employee health and wellness, reducing costs related to absenteeism, and boosting productivity. Despite these benefits, some people still wonder if healthy cleaning services are worth the investment.

This kind of thinking isn’t limited to cleaning services for businesses. Until recently, the same kind of doubts were expressed about green buildings. Green building practices offer many of the same benefits as healthy cleaning services, including improved air quality.

Recent studies have shown the remarkable ROI of green building certification. Workers in green-certified buildings perform significantly better than their peers on cognitive tests — by more than 25% in one study. They also miss work at far lower rates, reducing the cost of employee absenteeism.

This shows that it pays to invest in workplace health and hygiene. In fact, the green building movement has given rise to “healthy building” certifications, which focus specifically on workplace health.

How to Approach Healthy Cleaning Services for Businesses

Unlike the green certification movement, there’s no single standard for what defines a “healthy” cleaning service. Nonetheless, a consensus has emerged about which solutions are most effective and cost-efficient in a healthy workplace.

Here are some of the most important health and hygiene factors that apply to cleaning services for businesses, along with how JAN-PRO addresses these concerns.

  • Cleaning Fumes. Many products used by cleaning services for businesses have toxic or irritating fumes, which can result in short-term and long-term health problems for workers. To minimize these problems, JAN-PRO cleaners use green cleaning products where possible. If we use a product that generates irritating fumes, we use high-coverage application methods to reduce the volume of cleaning product needed.
  • Airborne Dust. Cleaning services have a significant impact on the level of air pollution in a given workplace. Dust can be a major problem if cleaners are using the wrong materials, equipment, or techniques. At JAN-PRO, we dust using dampened microfiber cloths, which trap far higher rates of dust than other cleaning materials. For vacuuming, we use ProTeam vacuums with HEPA filtration that trap particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.
  • Mold Spores. Another common form of air pollution is mold spores. Unfortunately, many cleaning services for businesses are ill-equipped to handle mold, or they use harsh anti-fungal chemicals to eliminate mold infestations. At JAN-PRO, we fight mold growth with our EnviroShield® system, which produces zero toxic fumes or byproducts.
  • Disinfection Methods. Most illnesses contracted at work are the result of infectious bacteria or viruses. Workplace disinfection will help protect your employees against these contagions. But as with mold treatment products, many disinfectants produce harsh and/or harmful fumes. Our EnviroShield® system eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact, ensuring a healthier space for your employees.
  • Smarter Targeting. Disinfection is only effective when cleaners have the tools and training they need to properly target contagions. Once again, our cleaners rely on our EnviroShield® system, which uses an ionizing application system to disinfect areas that other systems can’t reach. We also train our owner-operators to target moisture-prone and high-touch areas, which are the most likely sources of bacterial transfer in your workplace.

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