Commercial Cleaning Companies & Proper Disinfectant Usage

Disinfection is one of the most important jobs that a commercial cleaning company performs. Without proper disinfection, your workplace could become a hotspot for bacterial and viral outbreaks. Conversely, cleaners could introduce new health and safety concerns into your workplace by abusing certain types of disinfectants.

This is one of the biggest reasons to hire a trusted commercial cleaning company. Cut-rate cleaners have a reputation for substandard disinfection. They’re also known for misusing disinfectants with toxic ingredients, which can trigger air quality concerns. Meanwhile, the best commercial cleaning companies hold themselves to higher standards.

These companies develop detailed disinfection plans, equip cleaners with high-quality disinfectants and cleaning materials, and create rigorous protocols for surface disinfection. Many of these companies also offer green alternatives to toxic disinfectants, helping you maintain a healthier workplace.

Wondering why high-end cleaners go to these lengths? In that case, let’s take closer look at the risks of improper disinfectant usage and the impact of proper disinfection.

Health & Safety Risks of Improper Disinfectant Usage

Improper usage of disinfectants can compromise the health and safety of your workplace in two key ways.

The first concern is an increased risk of bacterial and/or viral infections in your workplace. If bacteria and viruses are not controlled, your workplace could face outbreaks of the common cold, food poisoning, influenza, or other illnesses.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that result in substandard disinfection:

  • Cleaners fail to disinfect surfaces often enough.
  • Cleaners fail to disinfect surfaces thoroughly enough.
  • Cleaners miss high-touch or germ-prone areas.
  • Cleaners dilute disinfectants beyond the recommended amount.
  • Cleaners apply disinfectants for less than the recommended dwell time.
  • Cleaners use the wrong disinfectant for a certain type of bacteria or virus.

The second issue stems from misusing or overusing certain types of disinfectants.

The most popular commercial disinfectants, including those that contain chlorine bleach and quaternary compounds, produce volatile organic compounds, aka VOCs. These are toxic fumes that can result in acute or chronic respiratory illness, either through short-term exposure to high levels of VOCs or prolonged exposure to smaller doses.

If cleaners don’t know how to use these disinfectants safely, they could introduce unsafe levels of VOCs into your workplace. Employees, customers, and clients with existing respiratory problems could experience severe symptoms. Others may experience milder symptoms, but they will be at increased risk of short-term illness. Prolonged exposure will also increase their risk of developing chronic respiratory problems.

What’s more, studies have linked air quality concerns with reduced productivity. That’s on top of bloated HR costs and high rates of absenteeism.

Best Practices for Commercial Cleaning Companies

Given the costs, concerns, and complications outlined above, it’s clear why your business needs cleaners who understand the ins and outs of commercial disinfection. That starts with hiring the right commercial cleaning company.

When it comes to disinfection, the best commercial cleaning companies distinguish themselves in a number of key ways.

  • High-quality cleaning companies are experts in the unique disinfection needs of specific types of businesses, including businesses that require specialized disinfection. E.g., healthcare facilities, restaurants, fitness centers, and daycare centers.
  • They develop unique cleaning plans for their clients, including area-specific cleaning and disinfection protocols. This way, they can identify and target surfaces where germs pose the biggest risk.
  • They equip cleaners with cleaning products and technologies that reduce the presence of bacteria and viruses prior to disinfection. E.g., cleaners will clean hard surfaces with dampened microfiber, which is proven to remove more than 99% of surface bacteria.
  • They provide cleaners with high-quality disinfectants, based on each client’s specific disinfection needs. Where appropriate, many commercial cleaning companies will use green disinfectants that produce minimal levels of VOCs.
  • They establish rigorous protocols for disinfectant usage, covering factors like dilution, dwell time, application methods, and safe handling of disinfectants that produce VOCs. They also track and measure their results, to ensure cleaners follow these protocols consistently.

At JAN-PRO®, we incorporate all of the above best practices. But there’s something that sets us apart from other commercial cleaning companies…

EnviroShield® Commercial Disinfection

One of the biggest advantages of JAN-PRO cleaning services is our EnviroShield® commercial disinfection process. In fact, we’re the only commercial cleaning company to offer EnviroShield® disinfection.

The benefits of this process start with its eco-friendly disinfectant. EnviroShield® uses a wide-spectrum disinfectant that is powerful enough for use in healthcare facilities, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. At the same time, it boasts the safest possible EPA rating for disinfectants. It’s completely odorless, exceptionally eco-friendly, and 100% non-toxic for human beings.

What’s more, EnviroShield® boasts a specialized applicator that allows it to disinfect a wider range of spaces. Using the power of ionization, EnviroShield® wraps treated surfaces in a disinfecting shield, getting into the nooks and crannies that other systems can’t reach. That way, germs have nowhere to hide.

Learn more about our commercial cleaning company’s approach to disinfection and request a FREE estimate by calling JAN-PRO today at 866-355-1064.

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