Our Commercial Cleaners’ Secret Weapon During Flu Season

Now that we’re in the middle of the 2018 flu season, JAN-PRO® commercial cleaners are working harder than ever to keep your workplace healthy and hygienic. Thankfully, our commercial cleaners have a secret weapon on hand: EnviroShield®.

EnviroShield® is perfect for workplace disinfection during cold and flu season. This exclusive system uses a special, eco-friendly disinfectant, one which eliminates 99.99% of pathogens, yet is 100% safe for workplace use. What’s more, the EnviroShield® system uses a special ionizing applicator to reach areas that other disinfection methods cannot, making it easy for our commercial cleaners to target virus particles during the sniffly-est time of the year.

Why Our Commercial Cleaners Use EnviroShield® for Flu Season

EnviroShield® Works Against Common Strains of Influenza

EnviroShield® uses a wide-spectrum disinfectant with a proven track record against influenza, as well as other common pathogens. This disinfectant is so effective that it is commonly used by commercial cleaners in hospitals and medical offices, meeting some of the strictest hygiene standards of any industry.

This can offer peace of mind during cold and flu season. While most people talk about the flu as if it’s a single virus, influenza has several different strains. That’s one reason why flu vaccines are less effective some years compared to others. Doctors aren’t always sure which flu strains will spread each winter.

Thankfully, EnviroShield® has been tested against all of the most common strains of the flu, including dangerous strains like H1N1. This way, there’s no guessing games when flu season hits. By disinfecting surfaces with EnviroShield®, our commercial cleaners will destroy 99.99% of flu virus particles within minutes, no matter which strain of flu they’re fighting.

EnviroShield® Keeps Your Office Healthier Than Other Disinfectants

Standard disinfectants can be a catch-22 in the workplace. Most of these products produce toxic and/or volatile fumes, which have a negative impact on employee health. By using these products to prevent flu outbreaks, you’re swapping a severe, short-term health and safety issue for one with a less-severe but longer-term impact.

EnviroShield® eliminates these concerns. The disinfecting solution used by EnviroShield® has been awarded the EPA’s safest rating for disinfectant products. It produces zero toxic fumes, and it leaves behind zero irritating residues. This means that EnviroShield® will eliminate dangerous pathogens (including flu virus particles) with none of the indoor air pollution produced by standard disinfectants.

In fact, EnviroShield® can actively improve indoor air quality in your workplace. In addition to bacteria and viruses, EnviroShield® also fights mold infestations and lingering odors. This way, our commercial cleaners can clean the air in your workplace while protecting your workforce against the flu virus.

EnviroShield® Fights Influenza Anywhere in the Office

There’s more to EnviroShield® than its state-of-the-art disinfectant. EnviroShield® also contains an exclusive ionizing applicator, which solves one of the biggest problems of traditional disinfection methods: hard-to-reach spaces.

Disinfection requires contact between disinfecting products and pathogens. If the disinfectant doesn’t come into direct contact with germ particles, those particles remain intact and active. Needless to say, if germ particles are hiding in hard-to-reach areas, they can avoid disinfection.

When using traditional disinfection methods, commercial cleaners can miss certain areas. An experienced commercial cleaner might achieve total surface coverage when disinfecting hard floors or desktop surfaces. But this can be difficult when disinfecting items with cracks, grooves, crevices, and other hard-to-reach spaces.

Commercial cleaners from JAN-PRO who use EnviroShield® aren’t faced with this problem. EnviroShield® includes a special misting applicator that produces a negative ionic charge. Thanks to this change, disinfectant particles wrap themselves around treated surfaces, getting into areas that other disinfectants might easily miss.

Thanks to this innovative system, flu virus particles have nowhere to hide from EnviroShield®. Our commercial cleaners use this system to disinfect computer keyboards, office phones, elevator buttons, and other similar items with gaps and crevices. Our commercial cleaners can also use EnviroShield® on porous surfaces and textiles, including upholstery and carpeting.

Learn more about how JAN-PRO commercial cleaners approach the challenges of cold and flu season. Call 866-355-1064 for more information about EnviroShield® and request a FREE estimate for commercial cleaning services.

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