Effective Communication with Bank Cleaning Contractors

When you’re hiring bank cleaning contractors, security practices will play a major part in which contractor you choose. Secure cleaning practices depend on a wide range of factors, including site-specific protocols, background checks, training practices, cleaner visibility, and others. A critical factor, however, can be easy to overlook: effective communication.

At JAN-PRO®, our bank cleaning contractors follow specialized communication protocols when cleaning banks and other financial institutions. These protocols guide and dictate onsite and offsite communication, verbal and written communication channels, and the information we communicate to our clients.

By adopting these protocols, we make it easier for JAN-PRO clients to know where cleaners are while onsite and which areas they’ve accessed for cleaning. We also ensure a full written record of cleaners’ actions, while providing bank managers with effective channels for addressing security concerns.

Bank Cleaning Contractors & Communication Protocols

As the manager of a financial facility, it’s important you’re aware of where onsite personnel are located at any given time. That’s especially true of onsite contractors, including bank cleaning contractors.

At JAN-PRO, we address these concerns in a number of ways. For example, all cleaners are required to wear full uniforms, including ID tags, whenever they’re onsite. We’ve designed our uniforms to ensure that our cleaners are highly visible and easy to recognize, even from a distance or via security camera.

Our onsite communication practices are just as important as our uniforms, if not more so. We are careful to communicate our location whenever we’re onsite, checking in regularly with onsite management to update them as to our whereabouts.

JAN-PRO bank cleaning contractors also keep a written record of our work thanks to the JAN-PRO Tracker® system. This system includes onsite communication logs, which our cleaners use to record their day-to-day cleaning activities. Our communication logs also provide a venue for written communications between cleaners and clients.

Effective communication practices, particularly for bank cleaning contractors, don’t end with onsite communications. At JAN-PRO, we’re equally committed to responsive offsite communications, whether in regard to service issues, special requests, or security concerns.

If, for example, you require an immediate change to your onsite security protocols, our cleaners can be reached to ensure this change occurs as soon as possible. We can also be reached if an unforeseen event requires a change in your typical cleaning schedule. This will ensure that our cleaners are not onsite at a time when your site is not ready for cleaning, or when it would compromise security for us to perform cleaning services.

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