3 Priority Areas for Automotive Dealership Cleaning Contractors

Cleaners play an important and often underrated role in auto dealerships. In a business as image-driven as auto sales, an unclean dealership can deter guests and discourage sales. By keeping your dealership sparkling clean, your automotive dealership cleaning contractors can keep your guest in a “buy friendly” state of mind.

But cleaning a dealership takes a lot of skill and hard work. That’s partly because guests expect a pristine appearance from your dealership, holding you to higher standards than other retailers. In fact, dealerships can lose five- and six- figure sales to seemingly trivial details, like scuffed floors or streaky windows.

The best automotive dealership cleaning contractors understand the impact of cleaning on vehicle sales. These cleaners are detail-oriented, they thrive in high-stakes situations, and they know which areas have the biggest effect on customer confidence.

Let’s look at how the top automotive dealership cleaning contractors can deliver pristine results in three priority areas.

Where Automotive Dealership Cleaning Contractors Matter Most

1. Your Entrance. When guests first step inside your dealership, you want to make the best impression possible. But that’s not going to happen if your customers spot unsightly scuffs and stains within their first few seconds onsite.

Smart cleaners know that a bad first impression is the quickest way to kill a potential sale. Because of this, they place a special emphasis on entryways, bringing spick-and-span standards to dealership entrances.

The best automotive dealership cleaning contractors go a step further. In addition to keeping entrances spotless, they also focus on the spots and sightlines where guests tend to look first. By keeping these areas spotless, cleaners strengthen your guests’ first impressions.

2. Your Showroom. Successful dealerships are built on great showrooms. An uninspiring showroom makes it almost impossible to get guests excited about a vehicle purchase. Meanwhile, an attractive, well-lit, and well-maintained showroom will get customers’ engines revving.

Before heading to your dealership, your guests have been primed by slick commercials and professional photography. When they visit your showroom, they expect a similar feel and experience.

That’s only possible when cleaners have the skills, products, and equipment they need to keep your showroom looking its best. In particular, your automotive dealership’s cleaning contractors should have the resources needed to keep your floors in spotless condition. At the same time, they should have a comprehensive plan for keeping other showroom areas and components looking their best.

3. Your Restrooms. Many of your guests will never need to use your restrooms. But for those that do, an unclean restroom could quickly dispel any chance of a sale. In fact, one survey found that 39% of people would never return to a dealership with a dirty restroom.

To keep your customers happy, you need to keep your restrooms hygienic. That means rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols, with a focus on areas prone to bathroom bacteria, like faucets, flush handles, and soap dispensers.

At the same time, you need to make sure that your restrooms feel clean and welcoming to customers. That means eliminating unsightly stains and unpleasant odors. That can take extra work and specialized equipment from your cleaning team. But it will dramatically improve the dealership experience for any guest who uses your facility’s facilities.

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