Day Care Centers and Preschools

JAN-PRO® Cleaning Protects Day Care Centers and Preschools

A germ-free environment is essential to day care centers and preschools so children can be safe as they explore and learn. JAN-PRO cleaning services will ensure the cleanliness of your day care or preschool. Our day care cleaning services will keep your facility healthy and clean, providing kid-friendly disinfection to keep children safe from germs and bacteria.

We Disinfect Better. Our preschool and day care cleaning services include the use of our exclusive EnviroShield® disinfection system. EnviroShield® uses proprietary technology to completely disinfect any surface safely. The EnviroShield® spray is ideal for disinfecting children’s toys because it wraps around the surface for superior disinfection. This efficient, effective, and completely safe method for disinfection minimizes cross-contamination between areas of your facility.

We Know Restrooms. Jan-Pro franchise owners know that without a clean restroom, you won’t have a clean facility. That’s why we disinfect all stall walls, counters, fixtures, push plates, and fittings with our hospital-grade disinfectant. Our preschool and day care bathroom cleaning regimen stops the spread of bacteria.

We Know Carpets. Keeping carpets clean is a never ending battle in day care centers and preschools. You can trust our cleaning services to keep carpets fresh, clean and germ free.

We Know Hard Floors. If your facility has vinyl, hardwood, or other flooring surfaces, you can be confident that our preschool and day care cleaning services will keep your floors clean, safe, and disinfected for a healthy learning environment.

We Work Greener. Parents are worried about the chemicals their children are exposed to. That’s why Jan-Pro franchise owners use cleaning strategies that reduce the need for chemical cleaning agents. You can count on Jan-Pro for healthy and safe preschool and day care cleaning services.

We Have Flexible Scheduling. Jan-Pro cleaners understand that preschools and day care centers don’t run on a 9-to-5 schedule. We’ll work with you to ensure our day care cleaning services meet your facility’s schedule and needs.

We Work Smarter. Preschools and day care centers are a natural breeding ground for germs and bacteria. To ensure your facility is clean and germ free, we use color-coded cleaning cloths and mops to avoid cross-contamination. This means cleaning cloths and mops used in your facility’s bathroom will never be used in another area. Jan-Pro preschool and day care cleaning services work smarter for a cleaner facility.

To make JAN-PRO your commercial cleaning partner at your preschool or day care, contact your local JAN-PRO office.