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Why a JAN-PRO Franchise?

With JAN-PRO, you will be a part of the #1 commercial cleaning franchise company in the world. As an experienced executive, you can apply your leadership and business management skills directly to building your own business. Our unique two-tiered franchise model gives you the opportunity to run a business and develop a local team of single-unit franchise owners who care for their customers’ cleaning needs. This approach lets you drive business growth via marketing, training and business management while your local franchise owners deliver exceptional cleaning services to commercial clients. This will allow you to build long-term value while providing a path to small business ownership for others who might never have thought it possible to be business owners.

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executive icon rotationExecutive Managed Business

JAN-PRO offers the opportunity to be the CEO of your own franchise company. Backed by a team of industry-leading franchise executives, you will build your very own franchise business and run your own company using your experience and management skills.

executive icon chartBuild Your Business Quickly with Recurring Revenue Streams

JAN-PRO has a recurring revenue model, so as a regional master franchisor, you will make money in multiple ways. You will collect one-time fees when you award unit franchises, including upgrade fees as your franchise owners want to take on additional business.  You will collect recurring revenue in monthly support fees, royalties, insurance fees and supply fee revenues. You also control the cash flow with customers and then you pay the franchise owners at the end of the of the following month. There is 45-day cash float in the business.

executive icon microphoneBe Part of the #1 Brand in the Industry

JAN-PRO is consistently ranked as the #1 commercial cleaning company by Entrepreneur Magazine. With one of the most substantial earnings claims in franchising, and the strongest customer guarantee in the commercial cleaning arena, JAN-PRO offers the opportunity to obtain an exclusive territory and dominate the competition from the start of your business. Our average regional master franchisor enjoys $4.1 million in gross billings with a $985,000 gross profit.  See Item 19 in our 2015 Franchise Disclosure Document.

executive re purposeRe-Purpose your Executive Level Skill Set

JAN-PRO allows you to re-purpose your leadership, business management, sales and marketing experiences as you build your own business. JAN-PRO regional master franchise owners develop and support a local team of single-unit franchise owners who provide exceptional JAN-PRO cleaning services. Unlike other commercial cleaning companies, we believe that people who own a commercial cleaning business are more dedicated to quality service than those who are simply working for a paycheck. To initially build your business, you’ll need to find the right franchise owners and educate them on the benefits of starting their own JAN-PRO franchise business. Instead of spending time hiring hourly or weekly cleaning crews, regional master franchise owners award unit franchises to franchise owners who directly service the commercial cleaning needs of their clients.

Executives doing business with Jan-Pro cleaning Services

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Get Started with your own Master Franchise

JAN-PRO regional master franchising is an ideal opportunity for professionals with C-level and SVP experience. Qualified candidates have a net worth exceeding $1 million and prior annual income exceeding $250,000. JAN-PRO regional master franchisors have a sales-and-marketing mindset to help them grow their territories. They want to give back to their community by coaching and mentoring other small business owners. They have minimum liquidity of $150,000.

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Start-up Costs

Your startup costs as a regional master franchisor are initially based on a franchise fee of $20,000 per 100,000 population. Your business will not require an inventory, equipment or major-build-out costs. JAN-PRO also provides qualified candidates in-house financing on part of the initial franchise fee. The total investment should range from $172,750 to $757,000, depending on real estate, location and working capital needs. Ask to see Item 7 in our Franchise Disclosure Document for more information.

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Four Reasons to Get Started in Commercial Cleaning

With $50 billion+ in annual sales, the commercial cleaning industry is dynamic and growing. As the top-ranked global leader in commercial cleaning, JAN-PRO allows you to stand apart from the rest in a very fragmented industry. The longevity, expertise and success of the JAN-PRO franchise model has been perfected to support executives who want to be business owners in the commercial cleaning industry.

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Commercial Cleaning is a Growing Industry

Many franchise businesses aren’t designed for longevity. The commercial cleaning industry is different and is resistant to economic downturns. Whether you’re a restaurant, bank, daycare or hospital, no matter the economic climate, your business must be clean and well maintained. JAN-PRO provides a great opportunity to capture this segment of the $50 billion+ industry.

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Two-Tiered Owner-Operated Model

Unlike other commercial cleaning companies, we believe that people who own a commercial cleaning franchise are more dedicated to quality service than those who simply work for a paycheck. To initially build your business, you’ll need to find the right prospects to convert into franchise owners using our marketing and community outreach plans. Instead of spending time hiring hourly or weekly cleaning crews, master owners award unit franchises to owner-operators who will directly service the commercial cleaning needs of their clients.

Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems Book

10 Reasons to Invest in Master Franchising

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a JAN-PRO Regional Master Franchisor.

Helping Others Build Businesses

As a regional master franchisor you can help others succeed in business by providing top-notch standards, training, support and mentorship. Through the JAN-PRO franchise system, you will be supplying unit franchise owners with professional-grade equipment, including HEPA-rated vacuums, uniforms, and hospital-grade cleaning products. By providing branded processes that differentiate JAN-PRO in the marketplace — including JAN-PRO Signature Clean® (defines quality), JAN-PRO Tracker® (measures quality), and JAN-PRO Technics® (delivers quality) — you will be able to build long-term value and help others achieve their own business goals.

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Commercial Cleaning Industry

In an industry defined by mom-and-pop cleaners, high turnover, low-quality service and little innovation, JAN-PRO stands above the rest. Our company has built its reputation as the industry’s top commercial cleaning company based on commitment to quality, innovation and branded processes. These differentiators make it easy to acquire and retain customers who want to keep their workplaces clean, fresh and protected from harmful bacteria. Our branded processes enable us to maintain consistent cleaning quality standards that differentiate JAN-PRO from the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be a Regional Master Franchisor?

A master franchise costs $20,000 per 100,000 population. You will need a range of additional start-up and working capital, which is detailed in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. Your total combined investment will range from $172,750 to $757,000.

How do I find unit franchise owners?

We will provide you with a localized marketing plan including print, digital, public relations, email and radio ads to drive unit franchise owner prospects to you. You’ll also participate in job fairs and local franchise tradeshows. Once you are established, most of your unit franchise leads will come through referrals.

What happens if I have a customer before I have a unit franchise owner?

You will hire a franchise support person who will be responsible for training new unit franchise owners and following up on their work using our JAN-PRO Tracker® quality assurance system. This employee will need to understand the JAN-PRO systems first-hand, and will clean with a day laborer or unit franchise owner in training before handing off the account.

How is JAN-PRO different than any other cleaning company?

Here’s what clients tell us about what sets JAN-PRO apart:

1. We guarantee the same cleaner each time. The cleaner is a franchise owner and has paid to have your account.

2. Color-coded microfiber cloths and mops reduce the likelihood of cross contamination and ensure the highest quality cleaning.

3. JAN-PRO MedMetrix® and EnviroShield® processes — our proprietary disinfecting systems —provide complete, 100% disinfection of medical offices, surgical centers, hospitals and other high-touch, high-traffic facilities.

4. Our guarantee is the strongest guarantee in the business. If clients are not happy with their service and the franchise owner doesn’t fix the issue within 48 hours, the next clean is free.

What happens if I sell a franchise and can’t provide the franchise owner with his or her guaranteed revenue plan?

You have five weeks to train your new unit franchise owner. Per your franchise agreement with the franchise owner, you also have an additional 120 business days to provide the accounts needed to fulfill the smaller franchise plans, longer for larger franchise plans. This should provide plenty of time to obtain the needed accounts.

Do you offer financing?

We offer in-house financing on the initial franchise fee for approved regional master franchisor candidates. You will come to our Discovery Day and meet our executive team who will review your franchise application and determine if financing is appropriate.

What does an ideal Regional Master Franchisor Candidate look like?

Most of our Regional Master Franchisor candidates come from corporate backgrounds and are interested in building their own organizations where they can use their sales, marketing and business management skills. Their prior corporate incomes typically exceed $250,000 per year and they are looking to replace and exceed this income level with their next business. They have an average of $1.5 million net worth and $250,000 liquid cash. Most of them – 62% – have earned graduate degrees. They are passionate about giving back to their local communities by helping others realize their dreams of owning a small business.

What kind of support will I receive from the JAN-PRO Support Center?

You will receive two weeks of training in Atlanta before opening. You will work with one of our field service directors to launch your business through the 4-to-6-week ramp-up period before you come to training. Once you are open, you will receive regularly scheduled site visits and weekly calls as needed. We also will provide additional webinar trainings in marketing, operations, accounting, franchise sales and customer sales.

How many unit franchise ownerships can I sell in my market?

This is determined by how many customers you have and how much revenue you are generating. Your unit franchise owners are home-based franchisees who are buying a guaranteed revenue plan. Some will be part-time franchisees and some will be full-time franchisees, so the total number will be based on this combined mix. Your franchise owners are not buying a protected territory, they are buying accounts.

When should I break-even?

We can’t give you exact break-even timing, however we recommend living expenses and working capital for between 18-24 months, depending on your business plans. You will have the opportunity to validate your business plan with our regional master franchisors near the end of the mutual evaluation process.

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