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Industry Profile: JAN-PRO® Office Cleaning

At Jan-Pro, we’re experts at cleaning modern offices. Our office cleaning services cover all kinds of workplaces, from law firms to call centers, tech start-ups to bustling non-profits, and everything in between. Many potential clients ask us what makes our professional workplace cleaning services so distinct from those offered by our competitors. So read on … Continued

Invest in Your Future with Jan-Pro

With Tax Day looming around the corner, this year why not invest in yourself? According to recent statistics released by the IRS, almost 40 million tax refunds worth nearly $125 billion had been issued as of Feb. 20, 2016. Are you one of those 40 million that will be getting a return this year? How will … Continued

Depend on a Business Owner Operated Team

JAN-PRO franchise owners must undergo an intensive 5-week JAN-PRO brand standards certification program that reinforces OSHA safety requirements and methods of cleaning to improve efficiency and air quality.

Reese McCaskill Builds His Own Business Legacy with Customer Service

Reese McCaskill found the perfect fit for his talents and personal goals with JAN-PRO of Detroit.  As a first-time business owner in the new Jan-Pro Detroit office, Reese saw the benefit of being one of the first franchise owners in this market. He immediately felt a strong connection to the franchise model and to both … Continued

North Carolina Military Veteran Becomes JAN-PRO Business Owner

After serving 26 years in the military, Walter London and his family, made a decision to go into business for themselves. After evaluating various franchise models and home-based business opportunities, the London’s invested in a home-based business with JAN-PRO of Raleigh, owned by Moe and Sean Hassan. Walter is one of 800,000 military veterans who … Continued

U.S. Army Veteran Achieves Financial Dream with JAN-PRO

Kevin Brockman, a franchisee for JAN-PRO of Richmond, Virginia, says that his time in the U.S. Army changed the direction of his life forever. He entered the military directly from high school, and his first impression of being enlisted was a sense of excitement and structure. He knew it was going to take a great … Continued

Phoenix Family Works Together to Build a Superstar Franchise

Seven years ago, Fernando Burruel and his wife, Delores, invested $5,000 to become JAN-PRO franchise owners after a referral from an existing franchisee. They said that the information they got from the referral has exceeded their initial idea of JAN-PRO. Although Delores and Fernando had limited previous experience in commercial janitorial services, they have continued to … Continued

“My military experience definitely prepared me to run my JAN-PRO franchise. We learned about leadership, accountability, and most of all how to take care of your people. I serve my JAN-PRO customers with same pride and professionalism I learned in the U.S Navy.” – Christopher Robertson, JAN-PRO of Jacksonville