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Benefits to Workplace Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and that means workplace spring cleaning is just around the corner. As America’s trusted commercial cleaning vendors, the team at Jan-Pro knows how big of a difference spring cleaning makes in the modern workplace. Below, our commercial cleaning specialists have listed five of the most important benefits to proper spring … Continued

How to Keep Your Workplace Clean this Winter

If you live in a colder, snowier area, winter can be filled with workplace cleaning challenges. Between slush and salt being tracked into your facility to the hygiene concerns of cold and flu season, keeping your workplace clean in the winter months is no easy task. To create a safer, healthier workplace this winter, we … Continued

Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

If you’re like most business owners, you find yourself stuck each holiday season wondering what gifts to get for your clients. It’s a tricky area. After all, it can be tough to strike the balance between personal and professional, and even tougher to find an item that will leave a lasting impression on the recipient. … Continued

Spring Cleaning with Jan-Pro

Day light savings time and the first day of spring are right around the corner. Out with the cold doldrums of winter and in with the rejuvenating and renewing of springtime. It has become part of our culture to start off fresh in mid-March by giving our businesses or homes a thorough spring cleaning. One … Continued

Trust in Our Guaranteed Satisfaction

JAN-PRO backs up our cleaning with the strongest guarantee in the industry: We will respond to and promptly resolve any service issues within one business day. If we fail to meet this obligation, you get a complimentary cleaning.

JAN-PRO Franchise Owners Inspire Gratitude and Thanksgiving

JAN-PRO has helped Maria Teixeira build a family business over the past six years. Maria explains, “JAN-PRO takes care of everything, making my job easier.” The support Maria gets from JAN-PRO allows her to focus on keeping her customers happy so she doesn’t have to worry about finding new customers or tedious accounting work. Maria, … Continued