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Industry Focus: Gym Cleaning

As a gym owner, you are your customers’ greatest ally in their efforts to stay fit. But when it comes to keeping your facility in shape, your greatest ally is your gym’s commercial cleaning provider. At Jan-Pro®, our janitorial experts have been providing professional gym cleaning services for over two decades. With our expertise and experience, we know … Continued

Industry Focus: Restaurant Cleaning

When it comes to the food service industry, cleaning is essential. No-one comes under more scrutiny for the cleanliness of their business than restaurant owners. At Jan-Pro®, we understand this as well as anyone. With our years of restaurant cleaning experience, we know the importance of an exceptional clean in any restaurant and the challenges … Continued

The 5 Germiest Places in Your Gym

It’s no surprise that the average gym is filled with germs and bacteria. Without a rigorous gym cleaning plan in place, it’s all too easy for bacteria to take over your fitness facility. To protect your staff, your customers, and your facility, you need a team that can identify, target, and disinfect your gym’s germiest places … Continued

Industry Focus: Auto Dealership Cleaning

When you work in car sales, you know the impact that appearance can have on your customers. You’re not simply selling a car — you’re selling an image. You also know that countless outside factors are going into your customer’s purchase decision, including how they perceive you, your co-workers, and your dealership. A pristine dealership … Continued

A Better Clean: Essential Strategies for Medical Office Cleaning

When you work in the medical field, you know as well as anyone just how dangerous bacteria and viruses can be. That’s true anywhere — but it’s especially true in medical facilities. So it’s no surprise that great medical office cleaning depends on higher standards than any other kind of cleaning. But how can you … Continued

Industry Focus: Financial Institute & Bank Cleaning

When you work in the financial industry, you know how important a clean and respected image is to your business. All it takes is a single floor stain or an unclean bathroom for clients to lose trust in your institution. But even more important is the security of your facility. So when choosing between bank … Continued

Industry Focus: Day Care & School Cleaning Services

When you run a day care or school, every day can be an adventure. But no matter what each new day brings, you should be able to rely on your facility’s cleaning services. That’s why Jan-Pro® offers specialty day care and school cleaning services, which we’ve designed to create healthier spaces for learning and play. … Continued

Industry Focus: Property Management Cleaning

When you work in property management, you already have plenty to worry about without having to fret about your cleaning services. After all, it takes a lot of work to maintain a property and keep tenants happy. That’s why finding a high-quality property management cleaning service makes such a big difference. With the right commercial … Continued

Industry Focus: Religious Facility & Church Cleaning

At Jan-Pro®, we know how important your place of worship is to your community. This is why we offer our religious facility and church cleaning service, a specialized cleaning program for places of worship just like yours. Jan-Pro is the world’s largest and most trusted professional cleaning company, offering religious facility and church cleaning services … Continued

Industry Focus: JAN-PRO® Medical Office Cleaning

There is no other industry where cleaning and disinfection are as important they are in the medical sector. At Jan-Pro, we know as well as anyone that proper medical office cleaning is vital to the health and well-being of staff and patients. That’s why we developed our MedMetrix® cleaning and disinfection process, which is specifically … Continued