Month: April 2017

Industry Focus: Gym Cleaning

As a gym owner, you are your customers’ greatest ally in their efforts to stay fit. But when it comes to keeping your facility in shape, your greatest ally is your gym’s commercial cleaning provider. At Jan-Pro®, our janitorial experts have been providing professional gym cleaning services for over two decades. With our expertise and experience, we know … Continued

The Germiest Spot in Your Workplace? The Break Room Sponge

Believe it or not, the dirtiest place in your workplace isn’t in your bathrooms. In fact, its in your hands every time you clean up after lunch. That’s right, the dirtiest surface in your workplace is your break room’s dish sponge. With over 10 million bacteria per square inch, the average dish sponge is teeming with … Continued

Clean Your Screen: Dealing with Germs on Cell Phones

Despite their clean design, modern smartphones are pretty much as dirty as can be. How dirty? Try, eighteen-times-more-germs-than-a-toilet-seat dirty. That’s right, with over 25,000 bacteria per square inch, there are more germs on your cell phone than almost any other object you touch on a day to day basis. With the amount of time we … Continued