Month: December 2016

How Often Is Workplace Restroom Cleaning Needed?

Depending on the type of workplace you run, you might wonder how often your restrooms need cleaning. You could be concerned that your restrooms aren’t being cleaned often enough to combat germs and bacteria. Or you might be wondering if your cleaning team is focusing on restrooms too much when they should be cleaning other … Continued

How to Keep Your Workplace Clean this Winter

If you live in a colder, snowier area, winter can be filled with workplace cleaning challenges. Between slush and salt being tracked into your facility to the hygiene concerns of cold and flu season, keeping your workplace clean in the winter months is no easy task. To create a safer, healthier workplace this winter, we … Continued

Industry Focus: Auto Dealership Cleaning

When you work in car sales, you know the impact that appearance can have on your customers. You’re not simply selling a car — you’re selling an image. You also know that countless outside factors are going into your customer’s purchase decision, including how they perceive you, your co-workers, and your dealership. A pristine dealership … Continued

Setting Business Goals for 2017

Setting goals for your business is essential to growing your company. It’s important that you’re constantly taking inventory of your business, considering the direction you want to go, and setting benchmarks for how you reach those destinations. There are few better times than the new year to set business goals. The start of a new … Continued