Month: August 2016

Industry Focus: Religious Facility & Church Cleaning

At Jan-Pro®, we know how important your place of worship is to your community. This is why we offer our religious facility and church cleaning service, a specialized cleaning program for places of worship just like yours. Jan-Pro is the world’s largest and most trusted professional cleaning company, offering religious facility and church cleaning services … Continued

Industry Focus: JAN-PRO® Medical Office Cleaning

There is no other industry where cleaning and disinfection are as important they are in the medical sector. At Jan-Pro, we know as well as anyone that proper medical office cleaning is vital to the health and well-being of staff and patients. That’s why we developed our MedMetrix® cleaning and disinfection process, which is specifically … Continued

Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Business Presentation

Only 10% of Americans actually enjoy speaking in public. For the rest of us, just thinking of giving a speech in front other people is a recipe for night sweats. But just because you’re nervous about your next big presentation doesn’t mean that you can’t deliver an effective one. Simply being prepared — knowing what … Continued

Bathrooms: Where Commercial Cleaning Makes a Difference

When you run a business, commercial cleaning matters. This is especially the case when it comes to bathrooms. Bathrooms, it should come as no surprise, are the biggest culprits for germs and bacteria in the modern workplace. So it’s no wonder that almost 95% of Americans say they judge a business based on its bathrooms. … Continued