Month: July 2016

Lessons Learned by America’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of US business and innovation. Simply put, no-one else does as much — or risks as much — to drive growth and opportunity. But that doesn’t mean that being an entrepreneur is easy. As even the most successful entrepreneurs can tell you, the road to success is paved with sweat, sleepless … Continued

Commercial Cleaning Secrets: The Germiest Areas in the Office

As America’s choice for commercial cleaning, at Jan-Pro, we know better than anyone that the germiest places in your workplace are often the places you’d least suspect. While most germophobes avoid the office bathroom as much as possible, few realize that the average office is brimming with bacteria and germ hotspots. We’ve asked our commercial … Continued

Why Choosing the Right Janitorial Services is So Important

When it comes to your workplace, it’s important to find a janitorial service that fits your business. There are a number of areas where choosing the right janitorial service makes a big difference, from costs, to your workplace’s appearance, to the health and safety of your workforce. As the janitorial services provider for thousands of … Continued