Month: September 2015

JAN-PRO is the Expert of Keeping Your Business Clean.

When budgets get tight, and businesses look for ways to save money, they often consider bringing their commercial cleaning service in-house.  Although this might seem like a logical choice initially, there are far too many benefits that come from partnering with an external cleaning service.  Several of these are listed below. Save money.  An external … Continued

JAN-PRO HEPA Filters Improve Indoor Air Quality

One of the things that is always stunning is the amount of dust that can accumulate during the course of a day in an office. According to the website livescience, 70-80% of all dust is human skin, with the remaining percentages attributed to pet dander, hair, mold spores and other allergens. If you have found … Continued

What’s Your Defense Against Germs?

We are surrounded by germs.  They are not only on us, they are on the surfaces of everything we touch throughout our day.  “There’s very few surfaces that are truly clean,” said Dr. Aaron Glatt, president and CEO of New Island Hospital in Bethpage, N.Y., and a spokesman for the Infectious Disease Society of America. … Continued

Does Green Cleaning Really Matter?

When is the last time you stopped by your local hardware store or supermarket for cleaning supplies? Did you notice how many product labels feature the words “green” or “sustainable”? From dish soap to laundry soap, green chemicals can be found just about everywhere, but does the use of green chemicals in commercial cleaning really … Continued

Why Not Celebrate Labor Day by Starting a Business?

No matter how accommodating one’s employer, many Americans aren’t working with their own long-term goals in mind. To hold a job, one must perform duties that help their companies attain their corporate objectives. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it’s not the most ideal situation for the individual. As a result, owning a business has long … Continued

JAN-PRO Canada Celebrated Its 20th Anniversary

Jan-Pro proudly celebrated its 20th year in Canada. Jan-Pro International was founded in 1991 in the U.S. by Jacques Lapointe and established in Quebec City, Canada, in 1995 by Jan-Pro Canada’s founder, Jean Roberge. This year Jan-Pro Canada was listed as the No. 4 top franchise in the nation, behind only top food and beverage brands. With 12 … Continued