Month: June 2015

The Value of Cleaning

What’s the value of cleaning to your business? There are many benefits of cleaning. Your office will sparkle and smell fresh when your workers and guests arrive each day. When a prospect arrives at your facility, they immediately form an opinion about you and your business based on the appearance of the office.  It’s important … Continued

Customer Appreciation Counts

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. This is true for your customers as well.  Even a small gesture of thanks can go a long way in helping to make customers feel valued. One thing that will set your company apart from your competitors, is the positive feeling customers get from doing business with you. Taking the … Continued

Time for a Break?

Since employees now spend much of their time in front of a computer, it is more important than ever to provide them with a common area where they can step away to refuel, interact with one another, and relax. With a little inspiration, your office break room can do all of this and more!   … Continued

Cleaning Improves Productivity

American offices seem to be the perfect breeding ground for dirt, clutter and germs. According to Psychology Today, “Mess Causes Stress” and chances are in most offices, the under-producers all have one thing in common, clutter. Maybe a tour of your office will bring other things to light. Why is it that Bob used to … Continued